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Introducing Pro Tools|HDX

  • Mix bigger, better projects—faster
    – Up to 5x more DSP acceleration per card
    – 4x the voices and 4x the delay compensation
    – 2x the I/O card
    – Scalable up to 3 cards
  • More Headroom—less headaches
    – Get over 1,000 dB additional headroom in plug-in processing with floating point math
  • It's all about the sound
    – Attain more clarity, openness, and detail with floating point Pro Tools|HDX
    mixer and pristine conversion in the HD Series
Pro Tools|HDX

Improved Collaborative Workflows

Share even more of your work with less hassle!

Pro Tools|HDX

ProMedia Training is Avid’s leader in instructor-led, accelerated Pro Tools courses and training in the areas of audio production, recording, mixing and related Avid Media Composer as well. ProMedia provides hands-on, 2-3 day courses for musicians, producers, recording engineers, worship facilities, and corporations. Programs available for Expert Pro Tools Certification as well. Learn features of new PRO TOOLS HDX.

New Avid AAX plug-ins available with Pro Tools 10 for
DSB-accelerated and native systems

Channel Strip • Revibe • Reverb One • Impact • Down Mixer
›› Learn the Benefits of Learning Pro Tools 9 and Pro Tools 10

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